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Single Mom Needs Help After Traffic Incident Expenses Put Her Behind On Rent

The Details:

I am a single mother of a 2-year-old daughter. She is a very fun-loving child and is my motivation for everything I do. I work as a student finance coordinator for an online university. I am currently seeking my Masters in Higher Education because I thoroughly enjoy what I do and want to educate others on the importance of education. My daughter attends a home run and DCF approved daycare where she learns to read and write and also talk. She was a bit delayed with learning how to communicate with her father and me.

Due to a minor traffic incident and the associated fines, I have fallen behind with paying her child care services and am also unable to drive. I am facing having to take a leave of absence from work to care for her if the daycare decides to un-enroll her. If I take the leave I will not get paid for the time that I am out. Paying attorney's fees and other legal fees has placed a strain on our finances. I understand that this grant is not for any legal matters and I can provide documentation that shows that those fees have already been paid. Had I not had those fees to pay, I would have been able to place my resources into my child and her needs. I am requesting the amount of my rent to be paid in full for one month.

This payment will take the stress off of me to have to choose between daycare, utilities, and rent. It will place me in a financial position to take care of my daughter the way she needs. I don't want my daughter to go without her basic needs and your help will be a great relief to know I can provide that for her. She is the only reason I am seeking this help. I am her hero and even though she is too young to fully understand what we are going through, I don't want to fail her.

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