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Family Faced with Fraud Needs Help Paying Mortgage

The Details:

I am a married student pastor who loves his wife and church. My wife and I have dogs, Oliver and Lali who are very playful and fun loving. We are enrolled in graduate school and enjoy serving at our church and pouring into others. I am a student pastor who teaches and preaches every week and my wife is a dog-sitter who enjoys taking care of pets.

We earn barely enough to pay the bills each month and we wanted to supplement our income. So my wife applied for an online data entry job. We needed money to pay for school, for dog bills, and other things so we thought this would be a good way to earn more money. We found out some individuals were faking this company and were in fact a scam. They had sent us funds to purchase some work materials, but the check bounced. This unexpected fraud has put us in a financial bind. We need Modest Needs' help to pay our mortgage. We suffered this lost recently and we don't know what could happen but our account is in the negative and we are running out of cash to pay the bills.

This funding would allow our household to recover from this financial loss from fraud and give us some stability and hope that we can make it. Right now, we do not know how we would pay our bills in the next month and this would allow us some time to get things organized. Both my wife and I have applied for other jobs and seem to be getting a good response from them which would allow us to be more stable and be safe for a future financial crisis. We would love to testify to your kindness and generosity to our church family and show them that God still provides through people. This would be great inspiration to encourage people to start giving more and blessing others.

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