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Homecoming Heroes Grant
Military Family

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeWe just wanted to let everyone know how much we appreciate the time and support you put into helping our family in this rough time of our life's right now.Without all of your support our family would be unable to make our house a home, and our family whole again. We just wanted to express our greatest gratitude to everyone who lifted our family spirits up.Our family will always be forever grateful and you have truly touched our hearts. Thank you!! Thank you again so much, The Maerz Family

Military Family Struggling to Transition to Civilian Life

My Story:

I am a married father of a little girl who will be nine in November. My daughter has a lot of energy but tends to stay in the books. We love to do family outings if they arent too expensive like, going to ball games, water parks, museums and festivals. We adore our family time play a lot of family board games, outdoor games, and have movie nights. Currently I am a full-time worker at Lowes working, I can't go into work until I take my daughter to the bus stop because my wife can't wake up in time due to her narcolepsy. My wife has her early childhood education but, due to her illness and sleepiness she can't pursue her life dreams as a school teacher. Instead she tries to help maintain the household as a stay at home parent and help with my ptsd anxiety to keep our family bond tight.

We were involuntarily separated from active duty after 10 and a half years of military service because of not being able to get care for my wife's narcolepsy condition. She got sick in 2014 with meningitis while I was in Korea and had to do emergency flight home. In the end, we couldn't find anyone to help with her condition so they gave me involuntary separation with 1/2 severance pay. I will receive disability benefits, but due to the severance pay they are taking reimbursement for the severance pay before my benefits start. I will receive full benefits in November 2017.

We need Modest Needs to help pay for our car insurance. It is our largest outstanding bil and it would give us the breathing room to make it until my benefits start. From there my job and benefits together should be able to sustain us moving forward. The funding will help bring our household current with all of our main bills and be a huge relief.

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