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Single Mom Needs Rent After Unpaid Leave From Work Due to Injury

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I am a single mother of a wonderful 3 yr old son. My husband abandoned us shortly after he was born. He does not contribute to our household and hasn't seen our son in over a year. Everyone who comes across my child comments on how happy and full of energy he is. He loves music, trains and cars. We try and spend as much time outside having fun. My goal is to keep our house full of love!

I suffer from a chronic illness called Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have lived with this pain for over 6 years but still manage to work a full-time job as well as any side gigs in order to support myself and my son. Recently I injured myself at work and was out of work for over a month on a leave with out pay status. I live pay check to pay check so this put my in a bind. I am back to work but need help catching up as I do not have a saving account to lean on. I need Modest Needs help with my rental payment.

We have been here coming on 3 years after living in the basement of my sisters house which is now occupied by her son. My son flourished once we were able to move into our own space. Having funding will help me to have less anxiety and get me back on track for the month. watched my mother raise 4 kids on her own so I am no stranger to hard work but I also know sometimes you need to ask for help. Your funding would be very much appreciated. Please consider my family. Thank you!

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