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3 Deaths In The Family, Need Car Payments

My Story:

My household consists of my husband and I. We are an older couple who are mainly homebodies. My husband works and with his days off he goes fishing and spends time with family and friends. I am disabled from a massive heart attack and now have only 35% use of my heart. I am just a housewife now and read and cross stitch.

We got behind due to 3 deaths in our immediate family. My mother who passed in FL, and my sister who passed in Ohio. Also, my husband's sister whose passing was in MS, our state of residence. I got behind on our car payment because I used the money to travel to the funerals. I am asking for help to catch up my car payment so that my car is not repossessed. With my health problems it is necessary for us to have a vehicle. I am paying as much as I can on the car but just need help to catch up. There is not a dead line per say just doing the 'robing Peter to pay Paul' as best as I can. We need Modest Needs help with this car payment.

If we are able to be helped this one time it will take the stress off of me and my heart and we can get back on track with bills. Because of the situation with the car we had borrowed money through 2 payday loan companies which has made it harder to keep up. With this funding we can get back on track.

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