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Pregnant Teacher in Military Family Needs Help With Mortgage After Home Repair

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I am a married mother of two children, and expecting one more soon. My son just turned 7 years old, and is full of energy and loves spending his time outdoors. My daughter is six, and is extremely excited about her baby brother that will be here in a few weeks. She spends most of her time playing in her room getting ready for her brother by 'practicing' with her dolls. I have been teaching for almost 6 years, and teaching summer school and cleaning beach houses on the summer break. Once my husband got out of the Marine Corps, he started going back to school to get his business degree, as well as working at a nearby gym as a personal trainer.

During the school year, we make enough money to cover our bills set aside savings for the two summer months that I do not teach. However, our air conditioner went out about a week ago, and the portion of my medical bills that are not covered by insurance have also came in the mail. I am teaching summer school, but the money that I make from it is added to my first teaching month's paycheck. We're both working as much as we can, but we're struggling to make up for these unexpected expenses. We are asking Modest Needs to help us pay our mortgage.

This funding will help us stay afloat until my checks with the school system start. Our son's due date is August 30th, and my maternity leave will begin when school begins. The money I will be getting from working our summer school program will help us stay stable while I am out. My husband will also be going back to school, and continue working at the gym. Not only would this funding truly bless our family, but it would show our children that there are genuine people in the world that truly care, and want to help others. We plan to return the favor and donate once we get on our feet.

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