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Quadrapalegic Husband Recently Returned to Work After Medical Leave, Needs Car Repair

My Story:

I work a full-time as my husband's in home medical care taker as part of a state program that my husband, who is a person with a spinal-cord injury that severely paralyzed him, helped establish. I also am a part-time substitute teacher for various grades, specializing in early grades and those students with various physical and other disabilities. My husband just recently returned to work after almost being out of work for a year on medical leave due to three hospital stays and two surgeries due to injuries from faulty medical equipment. He does not receive any governmental assistance and neither do I. He works full-time and just passed the 10-year mark. He has been a quadrapalegic for over 34 years. He is my hero!

We have been able to pay most of our bills, but when school is out and Stacey was on medical leave it was a struggle to pay the bills. My husband drives a vehicle that has been modified for him for free from Vocational Rehab because he is working. We also had a new lift installed and then a huge amount of mechanical work that my parents paid for. Recently we found out that the car needs some repairs and the bills are more than we can afford. I want him to be safe on the road.

If you are able and willing, please give to our need so that we will be safe in this vehicle that was lovingly bought for us. My husbdan has gone through a lot of heartache and pain in the past but since we have been together and those who have known him since the accident, know he hardly ever complains but points to God's good and perfect plan for him to be alive but paralyzed. This would take a burden off us because we also have needed repairs and things to be replaced in our house and regular bills and food to pay for. My husband is still recovering and taking medicine related to his recent injury. This medicine requires doctor appointments and blood work and other medical follow-up that requires him to miss work and makes him tired. He does not complain and desires to work. He is amazing.

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