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Single Mother of 3 Needs Rental Assistance After Hardship

My Story:

I am a single mother of 3 kids. My daughters are 20 and 14 years old and my son is 18. I also have a 6 month old grandson. I work as a Medicaid analyst full time. My 20 year daughter likes to draw, my 14 year old likes to cook and my 18 year old son likes to wrestle. We have 2 dogs that are very lovable. My kids are the greatest giftI I have ever had.

I live pay check to pay check. My oldest daughter got married right out of high school to a Marine and moved to CA. She recently had a baby in December, however things were not going well for her so I had to help her move back at the end of May. Also in June she had to get all 4 of her wisdom teeth pulled and I had to help her with her cost share or she would not have been able to have the 4 wisdom teeth pulled. This caused a hardship and now I am in a bind. I need Modest Needs help with catching us up in rent. I have no one else to turn to.

This help would get me back on track with everything, if not my family will be homeless I do not have money to look for a new place to live. I would have no more stress about worrying what I am going to do. I appreciate any help you could give me.

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