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Survived Cancer & Layoffs; Help Us Rebuild Our Lives

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My spouse and I have an almost 9-year-old son. He currently takes Tae Kwan Do and in the spring, lacrosse, which he loves. He enjoys playing with our 2 dogs. He is severely ADHD and is high functioning autistic. My spouse works in client services and I work as a master control operator. We love spending time together playing board games and doing anything artistic.

We live paycheck to paycheck trying to get by. We earn just enough to pay basic expenses. My spouse lost his job due to illness last year and I had two surgeries within three weeks of each other. I was unexpectedly diagnosed with uterine cancer and I had to have an unexpected complete hysterectomy which put me off work even longer. My spouse recently found a job but with me being off work for surgeries, it has put us in an unexpected financial bind. My car payment is two months behind and they are going to reposses it if I do not get caught up. My family needs the second car so both of us can work full time to make ends meet.

The funding will help us gain a sense of stability. We're both back to work, which will give us enough to pay our bills and set up an emergency fund should anything unexpected happen again. Your help would have a long-lasting impact for our family. It would also set an example for our son and show him that people can make a difference in others' lives, which will inspire him to help others in turn.

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