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Animal Medical Emergencies Set Me Back, Need Help

The Details:

I am a single fur Mommy of 4. I have 3 cats and 1 dog. I had 1 cat and when my mom passed away in 2010 I took in her 3 cats and her service dog. I had lived with her during her illness prior to her passing, so they were most comfortable with me. Recently one of my cats passed away, he was closest to my mom and it has been very hard losing him.

I earn enough to pay our basic expenses, but we tend to live paycheck to paycheck. One of my male cats had a urinary blockage that took $1700 to save his life. About 2 months later the 2nd cat got sick, the vet cost was about $500 total to try and save his life, but unfortunately he was unable to recover. Angel was 15 years old and I had known him all his life. Next the dog got an ear infection which also came with a bill. These were very unexpected emergencies and I unfortunately didn't have any savings set aside. I had to cover these bills or they would not treat my animals, and that has put me behind on some other bills. I need Modest Needs help to pay my car insurance. I have had to choose paying my bills or keeping my animals alive and I had to choose life.

This funding would help bring me up to date on my bills, the anxiety of worrying over money is making me sick to my stomach. Your help would completely change my outlook, constantly worrying about money has left me rather depressed lately. I also feel like I could be more confident on job interviews knowing this was taken care of. Thank you for your consideration and all the help you provide.

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