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Paying Off This Doctor's Bill Would Be Such A Blessing

My Story:

I'm a happily married mother of seven lovely children. There is never a dull moment in our family and we feel we are blessed to have all these moments. We also have three cats to keep us company.

Due to a large family size and living on one income, we live paycheck to paycheck. We have recently had a few trips to the ER which were costly, but thank God were minor. Unfortunately, some of us also contracted strep throat this last winter. This included a few trips to walk in clinics for the family. This along with some ongoing health issues and household repairs have put us way behind this year. We are nearing the point of declaring bankruptcy over medical debt.

We are asking for this one bill because it would take some of the pressure off of us and give us some time to catch up. It would certainly free up a few dollars that we can apply to another bill. Thank you for your kindness in our time of need.

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