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Unexpected but Necessary Dental Care Needed

My Story:

I am a disabled mother of two children. My oldest son lives away from home and my youngest son who normally lives with his father, is here for the summer and has some learning disabilities that need to be addressed. I work part time as a substitute teacher. I have a roommate who is also disabled and does not work due to disability.

My roommate and I share the rent but take care of our individual bills, such as, food, cell phones, life insurance, etc. separately. I have experienced tooth pain and the dentist explained that I will need a crown and two fillings which all together I will have to pay $551.00. I cannot afford this on my own. I am asking Modest Needs to help with the dental cost because if I do not have it I will suffer more tooth pain or risk losing several teeth to extraction. The bill needs to be paid at time of service which I will try to put off until grant money is received if this application is funded.

This funding will help me to obtain long term extensive dental care that will enable me to avoid such an expense in the future. To avoid such an expense I will take care to have preventive dental care, regular cleanings and checkups. Thank you.

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