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Sinlge Mom of 3 Needs Help w/ Bill After Another Driver Caused a Crash

My Story:

I am a single mother of three children. My oldest is 17 and extremely responsible and a great kid. My 11-year-old boy loves computers and dreams of being in IT. My beautiful 3-year-old thinks she's a princess.

I feel like I'm often choosing between car insurance and groceries or electricity or hot water. We always seem to make do. My oldest was in our mountainous neighborhood and some jerk in a big truck was texting and driving on the wrong side of the road. She was forced off the side of the embankment. Luckily, she had her seatbelt on and was not hurt, but when I took the car in because it was shaking, they had to replace the tires.

The tires are already on the car, but technically they can take the tires back. Without tires on the car I wouldn't even be able to take the kids to school. Right now, I work from but have interviewed at an office that would pay me quite a bit more. I can't accept a job as I can make sure we have the car fixed. This could be the one thing that could help us so we never need help again

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