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Single Hardworking Mother Needs rental Help

My Story:

I am a single mother with a 6 year old daughter. She is very enthusiastic and energetic and has just graduated kindergarten. She is an active member in the Girls Inc program in our area. I am hardworking and enjoy helping others.

I was out of work for a few months due to a lay off and only received unemployment which put me behind on my expenses. I have returned to work and while getting back to making money is great, I still need some help to get caught back up and be on track. I have been trying to catch up but my landlord does not appreciate the late payments which is understandable of course. I need Modest Needs help with my rental balance to keep me from eviction.

This funding will help me be current on rent and bills again. Going forward I plan to set aside savings for emergencies. You assistance will have a great impact on our lives as of now and in the future. We are not in a predicament to afford moving and would like to become current and strive to stay on track. Please and thank you in advance for your assistance.

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