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Young Widow Is Back to Work, Now Needs Help Getting Back On Her Feet

My Story:

I am a single, 34-year-old widow. I lost my husband 12 years ago to Leukemia. Although I have great friends, I don't have family close by. I work for a nonprofit organization benefiting Autistic youth. I coordinate community engagement and fund raising events. My work gives me great joy and purpose, so I put a lot of time and hours into it. In my spare time, I jog, watch hockey and football, and talk to my sister back home.

On December 1st, I lost my contract position with a large corporation in the area. Being on my own and living paycheck to paycheck, this put me in a hole. I had only been at this position for 8 months, and had previously been self-employed, so I only qualified for $200 a week in unemployment benefits. In January, I received an offer and began full time work. It is truly the most rewarding job I have ever had, but I can't seem to get my head above water from missing that one month of income. I am always one month behind on things, still drowning from the unexpected job loss no matter what I do.

I am asking for assistance with paying one month of rent. My lease is up in June and I have already committed to downsizing to a smaller rental to save money, but I worry that I will never catch up. I am afraid my car will be repossessed and I will lose my job, which requires a car.

I know that this help would help me to live a better life. Currently I am in constant fear, shame, and stress. I want to be able to do more for others and cannot do that until I can't get myself back to financial stability. At this point buying groceries feels like a luxury. I just want to feel like a productive member of society again and I know your help will do that.

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