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Cancer Battle Required Emergency Hysterectomy and Caused Income Loss

The Details:

I've been a single mom and my son is now 19. He is currently looking for his first job. My mother lives with me and can't work due to medical issues. My boyfriend lives with us as well. This past year was robbed and beaten. He had his mouth wired shut therefore lost his job and I had to pay his dental expenses. He hasn't found a steady job yet, so I am the only source of income.

I passed out at work in last fall and that's how I found out my cancer had returned. My doctor said I needed a complete hysterectomy. My surgery was in March. I had to pay my deductible and other out of pocket expense before the surgery, which wiped out my savings. I've been on short term disability and only receiving partial pay. I need help bringing my rent current, so that I can stay in my apartment and avoid a cycle of late fees.

This funding will help tremendously in helping me get back on my feet. It will relieve a lot of stress that has been put on me. I am blessed to have discovered the cancer again when I did. However, the healing process is for a few months and will continue to have expenses. Thank you for helping me remain financially healthy while my body recovers.

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