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Parents of 3 Need Rental help Due to Back Injury

The Details:

My husband and I have 3 daughters who are 14, 11 and 8. The oldest is very artistic and loves to draw and do graphic design. The younger 2 are very athletic and love to play softball and basketball. My husband works full time as a machine operator at Unilever making ice cream. I work part time at a local time shirt store.

About a month ago my husband was admitted to the hospital. He has 2 vertebrae causing a bundle of nerves in his back. We have at least 3 doctor appointments a week to attempt to fix this without surgery. He was put on short term disability. While awaiting payment this put us in a severe financial bind. We need Modest Needs help in paying our rent. We are so scared of losing our home or vehicle.

This funding will help us tremendously!! If we could just catch up on one thing, then we would have stability in our life. My husband will be able to focus on getting healthy and back to his full income. I am asking my employer for more hours so we will not be put in this situation again. Thank you so much.

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