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Help Fix My Brakes To Keep My Income and Safety

The Details:

I am a substitute teacher in Spring ISD so I can only make $90/day when they have the work for me. I have been seeking a full-time teaching position for the upcoming year but with only a few weeks left in this school year, I will only be able to make a limited amount.

I recently have had a lot of car trouble and yesterday I found out the brake job will be way more than I can afford. I just have absolutely no way to pay for this on my own. The sound when the brakes are applied is horrible and I am scared the car will not stop when needed and cause an accident; therefore, it needs to be done as soon as possible. I need Modest Needs help to get my brakes fixed and keep the car safe.

This funding will allow me to be able to pay for the remaining repairs, continue to look for employment and work as many days as possible until the end of this school year. I will be very appreciative of any help provided.

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