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Self-Sufficiency Grant
Military Veteran

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeThank you so much for all your help. Not only have you helped me with this specific need, you have also inspired me to continue my advocacy for helping disabled veterans and others. I never want to see what happened to me happen anyone. As I look back on my story and no one seemed to believe what happened to me as I went through this, your help has shown me that true humanitarians still exists. Now, I will be able to resume my much needed doctors appointments as this is a step toward wellness for me. Thank you so much for trusting and believing my story. As an Advocate, particularly Housing, feel free to share my story with others. I know that if this happened to me, I know it is happening to others. For me, I simply suffered harsher consequences because I was a trained housing advocate who knew federal regulations better than those who were in a position to properly adjudicate my case. Thank you so much!

Disabled Veteran Needs Car Repair To Access Life Saving Dialysis

My Story:

I am a fifty-eight-year-old female veteran with disabilities. My son, who is 29 years old and is also disabled has come home to help me with some chores since my surgery in February. In my town, there is no public transportation and I need to make frequent trips to the VA clinic. Recently I needed to replace my vehicle and purchased a used truck. Unfortunately, it needs repairs before it can be driven.

I do not have any funds to buy the exhaust system for the truck. Without transportation, I am unable to get to my many appointments. I will be on dialysis and my life will depend on my transportation. I have no family or friends, although I belong to a church, no one has been willing to help.

Your donations will allow me to keep going. I am a fighter. I was a volunteer legislative advocate in California. I fought for issues that relates to health. Since moving to Louisiana, I have seen how horrible Veterans are treated when they do not understand their rights. Instead of giving up, I am pursuing my Masters degree in Public health and plan to open a consulting business to consult with veterans and civilians about health plans and appropriate healthcare. Your help to keep me healthy will allow me to continue my work of giving back to my community. Thank you for your generosity.

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