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Parents of 4 Need Help With Electric Bill After Car Repair/House Down Payment

The Details:

I am a married father with 4 children in our household. My wife works at the local market and I work at the local manufacturing plant. One of our kids will be graduating this year and 2 more will be graduating year after year. All of our children are very smart with two of them are on the honor roll. I provide my family's health, vision, and dental insurance.

I was working a ton of overtime hours but they recently have been cut back. In February we had a deadline to buy our home or move out as we were renting from my mother. In the process of buying the home, I had to use my 401k and sell some of our amenities. This raised the money for the down payment on the home. We bought the house and now are struggling to catch up. Then as luck would have it my truck broke down and needed a 400 dollar repair. With my overtime hours cut at work, we do not have money for any extra expenses. We are asking Modest Needs' to help with our electric bill. After purchasing our home, and the unexpected car repair, we are worried our electric will be shut off.

This funding will bring the electric current and let us focus on our mortgage and not get behind. We have set up a budget to keep us on track and will allow us to build an emergency fund. Your help would lift a huge burden of our shoulders. We are so stressed out and would like to be able to start making memories in our family's official home.

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