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Don't Let a Toothache Make Us Homeless

The Details:

I am a single mom of an energetic four-year-old boy who loves playing outside. He's really into dinosaurs and trains! I work full time at an ad agency and he goes to daycare at our church. On the weekends, we like to visit my parents and spend time at the park if the weather lets us.

I make on OK salary, but finances are tight between normal household expenses, a car payment, and daycare expenses. I recently had a toothache and needed to get some dental work done. Most of it was covered by my insurance, but I still owe almost $500 for the work. I have already received two notices and I'm worried the dentist office will send it to collections.

Making this payment on my own will put me behind on other bills. I don't want to be behind with my rent and incur late fees I can't afford. I also can't have my utilities shut off, it is too hot in Louisiana, especially for a small child. Your help will save us from late fees and collections agencies. Thank you for helping to keep our heads above water.

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