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Single Mother of 2 Needs Auto Repairs

The Details:

I am a single mother with two teenage children, a girl and a boy. We are a Christian family and love to serve others and work outside. My daughter is a junior in high school who is in band and wants to be a preschool teacher. My son is in eighth grade and he loves baseball, disc golf and wants to run his dad's business when he grows up. I work for myself.

Last fall my bipolar disorder reared its ugly head. My doctor also figured out that I have brain damage from an accident I was in as a child. I used up all of my savings, including the money that was supposed to pay my 2016 taxes, to live on while recovering. I am just now getting to where I can work enough to cover all of my bills, but am also spending about $250 on doctors visits and medications. Two weeks ago, one tire on my car blew out, three needed to be replaced and I needed new tie rods. I used the last of my savings to pay most of the auto bill but I need Modest Needs help with the remainder. My mechanic is very compassionate, so it is due as soon as possible. I am trying to stay healthy and do what the doctor says but that also means every month is tight, and I don't want to start slipping behind. My children are living with their father most of the time, so now I have to also pay more child support to him.

Your help will take one piece of the stress off of my situation, and be greatly appreciated. I believe in paying help forward, so as soon as I can I will be doing something for someone else to pay your generosity forward. This funding will help me stay on track with my recovery.

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