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Single Mother Needs To Keep Gas and Heat On

The Details:

I am a single mother of 2 children. The youngest lives with me and my oldest has moved out. The father of my youngest child also has been staying with us for the past 3 months as he looks for employment. He had nowhere else to go.

Recently, after taking in the father of my child, we got behind on rent and had to pay court costs, lawyer fees, and late fees. This drained my finances and I now have nothing left to pay the light and gas bill to PSEG and am now in 'shut off' status. We will be forced to live without heat, hot water, or electricity. I have depleted the little bit of savings I did have and am living check to check while trying to keep my home afloat. I need Modest Needs help in paying this bill. Any help you can offer to help me get back on track would be greatly appreciated.

Should the funding be raised, it will bring us current and definitely restore our sense of stability. It will also allow more time for my daughter's father to obtain full time employment and/or for myself to find another part time job. It will also allow a little time to put money aside for rainy days in the future. Thank you so much.

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