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Missed Work for Medical Leave; Need Rent Help

My Story:

I am a single mom of three wonderful children. I work for the community I live in as an EMT. I have recently had some hardships with my children and their father. I now have sole custody because of health and safety concerns. They are fourteen, thirteen, and eleven.

I was out on medical leave twice last year due to getting C Diff at the beginning of the year and later for a sleep study to find out that I have narcolepsy. Being out those two times hit us hard financially. I am not behind on my rent yet, but there are days that I go without so my children do not have to.

I would greatly appreciate help with one months rent. It would allow me to catch up on some other bills. It is a big fear for me to fall behind on the rent and not have a place for my children to stay. Your kindness would help to get me back on my feet.

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