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Father of 3 Needs PhD Dissertation Surprise Bill Assistance

My Story:

I am a married Navy Veteran with 3 boys. My wife is disabled and unable to work. My children go to Catholic school on scholarships. The oldest is autistic and bipolar but is getting ready to start applying to colleges. Two of my children have ADHD. The younger boys both play basketball. They all make honor roll, and try really hard in school, despite their disabilities.

The company I worked for for 10 years sold to another company, so I now have to pay health insurance cost, causing my income to decrease. I am currently working towards my PhD. to obtain a better occupation that I will also enjoy. We live paycheck to paycheck. This semester, I was hit with a bill of $745, which is 1 credit hour of dissertation work. This must be paid out of pocket as it does not qualify for financial aid. This bill was a surprise to this semester therefore we were not prepared to save a little each moth to pay for it. If I can't pay it, I cannot continue with my education, and my current student loans will then become due, which at this time we absolutely cannot afford. Plus, it will be many years of work down the drain, as I am almost done with this degree program. I need Modest Needs help with this bill.

It will allow me to continue with my education, and give us time to put away the money needed for the fall tuition. Then I hope to teach at the college level, and have a more stable financial situation for my family, along with actually working in a career field I will enjoy. Thank you so much.

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