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Family Needs Rental Help After Expensive Autism Therapy

My Story:

I am a married mother to a sweet 7 year old boy who struggles with Autism. He needs constant one on one support. My husband works full time but my work could not accommodate our child's shorter day at a therapeutic school and after school therapy schedule. Our son is a runner and has melt downs and it takes us both to keep him safe. We are a happy family. We believe that he is slowly making progress with our support. We go to his school once a week join therapy sessions and observe techniques.

We can afford to pay our bills without extra expenses because we moved into a one bedroom apartment which is in a good school district. However, we live paycheck to paycheck and our son's needs are expensive. We needed our brakes fixed twice in the last 7 months. We also had to use full time therapy for our son when he had to leave a school who couldn't handle him. That time of our life set us back financially and drained our savings. We used to have substantial savings and good credit scores. We both worked full time. We now need Modest Needs assistance to pay our rent. We do not have anyone to stay with and our son would become anxious due to change if we fall behind.

This funding would catch us up on rent and our son could continue his therapy and medication, and keep his routine which is so important to keep him calm and developing. I applied to work as a preschool aid for the special needs park district. We will be able to live more stably and start to rebuild our savings. We appreciate any help!

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