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A Roll In Shower Wheelchair to Help Restore My Independence

The Details:

My husband and I have been together for many happy years and we have weathered many storms together, including hurricane Katrina. We're proud of the life we've built together and really enjoy watching movies together.

I suffer from hereditary spastic paraplegia. This disease has progressed to the point that there are many things I cannot do on my own, and showering is one of them. My husband and I researched and finally found a roll in shower that I could maneuver in. This installation was very expensive but we have a payment plan that will allow us to pay it off slowly. But we need to purchase a self-propelled roll in shower chair to use it. We simply cannot afford one more bill.

This funding will help me to be more confident and independent. I will be able to take a shower on my own. As of now, I use a stand-alone shower chair, that requires me to hold on to the safety bars, and pull myself to a very difficult transfer position, which I must do only in the presence of another person. I would like to regain some independence. Doctors do not know what my future will hold. This disease effects every walk of life, and does not show promise for any cure.

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