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Elderly Woman Battling Cancer Needs Help After Fire Damages

My Story:

I am a single male who is 55 and I take care of my mother who is 77 and battling a very rare cancer known as gamma-delta. My mother and I live together and I am her full-time care provider. She is in the 5th year of this battle and has lived 4 years longer than the doctor predicted. Our God is so good to us.

We live in a very old apartment that has no washer or dryer. While I was away at my own doctor's appointment, my mother attempted to dry a towel on the floor heater. The towel caught on fire so my frightened mother tried to kick it outside which resulted in our carpeted floor catching fire. Due to the damages and the old nature of our apartment, the entire carpet needs to be replaced. Our landlord told us it is our responsibility to do so and will not offer assistance. There is no room in our budget for this expense. We need Modest Needs help!

If we are blessed with this assistance, we will be able to continue living comfortably together in our space. We can focus our energy on keeping my mother healthy and living the rest of her days stress-free. Thank you so much for all your help, we feel truly grateful.

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