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Missed Work for Dad's Funeral Need Rent Help

My Story:

I am a single woman in my mid-twenties. I work full time as a bar manager, and love my job. I moved to Atlanta in 2011 to attend Georgia State, and have been here ever since. I have a sister in Ohio, and a cat named Bronx.

Late last year, my father unexpectedly passed away at the age of 52. My father was also my best friend. When he passed, I had to withdraw money from my IRA and savings to cover funeral cost. I also had to take almost an entire month off work to be in Ohio with my sister planning and dealing with the aftermath. Since then, it has been a struggle each month living paycheck to paycheck. I've been shuffling bills to stay above water, but it's finally caught up to me. Without this grant, I will simply not be able to pay my rent this month and will probably ultimately be evicted.

If I could obtain a grant for rent assistance this month, it would help me drastically. I could use my income next month to pay my bills and even have some savings left over. This month has proven to be extremely difficult and I fear if I do not get help I am at risk to lose my apartment, and I do not know how I would recover from that. Your help would stabilize me and put me back on track for the future.

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