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A Couple Needing their Car Tag To Continue Providing

My Story:

It is just my wife and I and we relocated here 3 and 1/2 years ago for my wife's job. She excelled and opened 2 more branches but then they decided they did not need her any more. We can cover our basic expenses now but we live paycheck to paycheck.

I am the only provider now and need my car to get to work. I cant afford my car tag so I have been driving to work illegally hoping not to get caught. I'm afraid of getting caught driving with an expired tag, an expense we certainly cant afford and it would cause me to lose my job as I have a CDL and driver for a shuttle bus. Not only would there be fines of driving without this, I also would need to pay late fees for being expired. This is causing so much anxiety.

It would allow us to make our vehicle legal which would allow my wife to continue to look for work without the worry of getting caught driving an illegal vehicle. Please help us.

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