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Single Mother Needs Rental Help After Death of Daughter and Sudden Move

My Story:

I am recently divorced after 30 years of marriage and have absolutely no support from my ex-spouse. It was necessary for my 25 year old son to move in with me after graduating college to help make ends meet and allow us to support one another.

We earn enough together each month to pay for our expenses but we do live pay check to pay check. However, recently it became necessary for me to break my lease in my previous apartment due to unsafe and dangerous living conditions ignored by the landlord for 6 months. We were refused our security deposit back for breaking the lease along with having to pay a $2250 new security deposit and first months rent. We also brought utility balances to the new apartment since the move was so sudden. However, our situation has become more desperate with the sudden death of my 28 year old daughter less than a week ago. I will have no choice but to use what little bill and rent money I have left to put towards the funeral expenses, because I am going to give her what she deserves to have as a goodbye from her parents and brothers. I am pleading for Modest Needs help to pay our rent.

I am praying for this assistance and would never be able to thank the donor/donors enough for showing me their kindness and generosity when I truly need it the most. To face eviction on top of everything else would be too much for my son and I to think of while we grieve. I am only 47 years old and am confident I will be able to live comfortably by myself one day soon, and allow my son to start his own life and not feel like he needs to take care of me. Please help our family!

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