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Single Grandmother Needs Utility Help Due to Dental Work

My Story:

I am a single mother of two grown daughters who are both married. I also have five grandchildren. I work for the school system full time helping students reach their full potential and to become successful adults.

My utility bill become increasingly higher than I am accustom to while at the same time my upper teeth started decaying from the inside out. I am now in the process of having them pulled and dentures made. I have been struggling moving bills around in order to try and pay all my expenses. Everything is catching up all at once. I really need assistance in paying my utility bill.

This funding will allow me to get all my bills caught up and back on track. I will be able to set up a savings account for any future problems that might arise. This help would impact me long term knowing that there are individuals still in the world that care to lend a helping hand. Thank you.

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