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Multiple Sclerosis Patient Needs Help Paying For Tests

My Story:

I am employed full time in the IT field. My lovely wife Michelle does not work because she suffers from MS. I am also her caretaker and she is my joy.

I was diagnosed w/ colon cancer in 2015. The time off from work that year decimated our savings. My wife, Michelle, is going through a new MS treatment w/ D3 vitamins. The required lab tests were covered by Medicare the 1st time but not the second. Our health problems have made it very hard financially, but I'm still working full time. We need help paying for these lab tests, which are totally outside of our budget. .

With your help, we can put our income towards medical bills and equipment that Michelle needs. I work hard to provide for us and we don't live extravagantly. But to pay this bill we would have to give up essentials. You can't imagine the relief we would feel by being able to return to a sense of normalcy.

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