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Self-Sufficiency Grant

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Self Employed Single Woman Needs Rental Help After Snow Caused Her to Miss Work

The Details:

I am a single woman who lives alone and has a mobile massage business. I enjoy working for myself and being my own boss, but I do live paycheck to paycheck.

During the months of Oct. 2016 and Feb. 2017, Portland experienced 3 highly unusual heavy snowstorms. We also had an unusually high rate of flu outbreaks. These factors caused me to have to miss a very high number of work days. The snow did not allow for me to see many clients and I also had to miss valuable work days when I was sick. Working for myself does not allow sick leave or someone to cover for me. Because of this I have fallen behind on my rent. I need assistance getting caught back up.

My apartment is threatening an eviction notice and a refusal to renew my lease. Without a place to live, I honestly do not know what I would do. I would not be able to continue my business which I love and would have nowhere to live as I do not have the means to afford first and last months rent plus security deposit. Please help me!!

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