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Family Needs Help with Moving Expenses in Cross Country Move

My Story:

I am a happily married man with 3 kids; 2 teenage girls and one 11 year old boy. We love amusement parks and hanging out watching movies. I work for Lowe's on the delivery team and my wife works part time for the UPS store and full-time as the most awesome wife and mom in the world.

My wife's mother passed away and we had to make a cross country trip to Louisiana for the funeral. This was an out of budget expense which caused us to become late on our mortgage. We have decided that we need to move across country towards family so we can start over and get some breathing room. We need help affording storage containers for our possessions in this move.

If we can get back to my mom's house we can pay off our bills that have been racked up trying to stay afloat. This funding will allow us to get current on all expenses and possibly get our own place again. Any help is appreciated!

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