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We're Back to Work, but Need Help with Hospital Bills

The Details:

I am the proud father of two teenagers. My daughter is a sophomore in college and my son is a junior in high school. I work as a graphic designer and web developer. My wife works part-time as an office assistant.

Several years ago my wife and I were laid off within months of each other. We each found work as quickly as we could, but my wife was hospitalized around the same time. These circumstances wiped out our savings.

Recently, my wife was hospitalized again, this time with pneumonia. The portion of the bill our insurance did not cover and her time off from work is more than we can handle. We've been paying a little each month, but it's come to the point that they're threatening collection and garnishment.

Your help would take a giant burden off of our shoulders and relieve some of the stress We've been under. This grant from Modest Needs would allow us to remain current on our other bills and concentrate on getting our lives back on track.

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