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Family Stricken with Rare Genetic Disease Needs Help Keeping The Lights On

The Details:

I am the daughter to two wonderful parents and the oldest of four children. My older sister, who lives with our family, is likewise a mother to two children, ages 2 and 3, and my youngest brother, who is 7 years old, has autism. My parents are gracious to let us live with them, and as you can see, they help to take care of a very full household.

Several months ago, my mother, who is the primary breadwinner in our household, was forced to undergo knee surgery due to a rare genetic condition. During the time it took her to recover, she received short term disability pay in lieu of her regular paycheck, and her pay was cut by about 60% during this time. By working together, we managed to stay on top of most of our expenses, but the loss of income our family suffered as a result of her surgery has left us chronically behind on our electric bill, and the electric company is now threatening to shut us off unless we pay the bill in full.

I'm asking for Modest Needs' donors to help us catch up on on our electric bill. The amount we owe may not seem like much to some people, but to us right now, it's a fortune, and the stress of potentially losing power (especially when my younger Autistic brother needs it) is taking a toll on our family. We would be extremely grateful to you if you would please help us just this one time. Thank you so much!

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