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Homecoming Heroes Grant
Military Family

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User-submitted image -  Click to see real sizeThank you al for helping me with my request. One of the hardest things about being a single mom is leaving your child to go to work, to afford food and pay the bills. Childcare expenses are very expensive and once you fall behind it is impossible to catch up! Thank you to you I be able to go to work knowing that my son is being wel taken care of!

Single mom veteran struggling to catch up on daycare costs after losing job

My Story:

I am proud to have served eight and a half years on active duty and another three and a half years in the Illinois National Guard. I am even prouder of my handsome son Aiden James. He is my world. However, being a single mom isn't always easy.

My former employer did not give any paid sick time. When my son became ill, I was fired for taking time off to care for him. While I was unemployed, I fell behind on his daycare payments. Now that I have started working again, I am doing my best to get caught up on all my bills. The preschool has worked with me, but if I do not get current on this bill, they will not allow my son to return.

Knowing that my son is in a safe, educational and nurturing environment during the day is such a stress relief. This funding will help me care for my son, and allow me go to work worry free.

As of 2017-05-16, this application has been fully funded!

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Application Status Update: On 2017-06-06, Modest Needs sent payment via Check in the amount of $886.00 to District 90 Early Learning Program on behalf of this deserving individual.