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One-Time Help with Mortgage after Mother's Passing

The Details:

I am a single woman, living alone with my dog. I am actively involved in my community and work full-time as a medical claims associate in the casualty department of an insurance company.

I earn enough money to cover all of my bills, but this past year has been a difficult one. I had to replace my vehicle in July, and used all of my extra money to finance a new one. Then in September, I lost my mother and had to pay for travel expenses to go back home for the services. I have been struggling to bring my expenses back on track for these last few months, but once you get behind on one bill, it seems impossible to catch up without skipping payment on another.

I am asking for Modest Needs' help to pay my mortgage this month. This will help me recover financially and bring my bills current again. I am once again choosing between which bills I can pay this month, and facing accumulating late fees.

This one-time help would break a negative financial cycle for me, and bring me back on budget with all of my bills. This will give me a renewed sense of stability and restore my peace of mind. This would be life-changing for me, and I am deeply grateful for all you do.

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