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Disabled Veteran with Baby on the Way: Please Help with Car Repair

The Details:

I am a pregnant, disabled military veteran. I attend school full-time, using my GI Bill benefits. I am studying to be a sign language interpreter. My only income is my monthly VA compensation and my educational benefits, so there is never much wiggle room in my budget. Due to my pregnancy, I have had to take some time off from school. This means I will temporarily be without the benefits I receive to cover housing costs through the GI Bill.

This month, I only have income through my monthly VA disability compensation, making things harder than usual for me financially. My car is in urgent need of repairs, and the timing has put me in a financial bind.

I am asking for Modest Needs' help to pay for the tire rod replacement and new tires. I have to go to medical appointments regularly, and I am worried that one of my tires could blow out and threaten my me or the safety of my unborn baby. I will also need to have reliable transportation once my baby is born to continue going to medical appointments, and to be able to go back to school and seek employment.

These last couple of months have been challenging, but your help will keep me moving forward. Once my baby is born, I will be able to go back to school and have a little extra cushion from the educational benefits I receive. Your help would make a huge difference in my life as well as the life of my unborn child. I am so thankful for your consideration.

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