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Single Worker Needs Rent Help due to Temporary Loss of Income from Work

My Story:

I am a hardworking young woman, working both a full-time job at a medical supplies service, as well as a second job as an Uber driver. My work ethic is strong, and I am willing to do what it takes to get things done and support myself fully.

As much as I work, I still live from paycheck to paycheck each month. I was doing well until recently, when I began to experience some health problems. I had to leave my prior job at a Credit Union in order to focus on my health. Not long after leaving that job, I was able to secure another, but the pay was a little lower. While I have taken on additional work to supplement my income, it has been impossible for me to catch up with all of my bills.

I am asking for Modest Needs' help to pay my rent this month. I have been forced to choose which bills I can and can't pay these last few months, and with rent being the biggest, it causes me the most stress and worry. I am terrified I will eventually lose my home if I do not find a way to get things back on track, and hope you may be able to assist me.

Your help will bring me current with my expenses, and will provide me with a renewed sense of peace and stability. Now that I am working as a driver in my spare time, I am slowly building my income back up, and will continue working hard so I can set aside an emergency savings to prevent a situation like this from occurring again in the future. Your help and kindness would make a lifelong impact on me, and I would be eternally grateful. I believe people can make a difference, and this experience will serve as my inspiration and reminder to help others in need.

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