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Family Needs Mortgage Help after Car Was Damaged in Hit and Run

The Details:

I am a mother of one energetic 3-year-old boy. I work full-time as a public high school teacher, providing Business lessons to my students. We moved over an hour away from our old home and our family in order for me to accept my job, and my son's father had a difficult time finding work here. After searching for four months, he managed to find a job, but could only be offered part-time hours. I work during the day, so he stays home with our son, then works evenings.

It has been tough to make ends meet, and we definitely live from paycheck to paycheck. We were horrified when our car was damaged in a hit and run, and we were left with a large repair bill that insurance would only cover once we paid the deductible cost. We filed a police report, but the person who did it has not been found. Our vehicle is essential to our family's livelihood. We cannot go to work or even purchase groceries without it. We had no choice other than to pay the deductible to get the car fixed, and doing so has left us in a financial bind.

I am asking for help to pay the mortgage this month. I had to use the money that would go to the mortgage to pay the insurance deductible to get the car repaired, and I fear the late fees will begin accumulating before we have a chance to catch up with our mortgage. I am currently looking for additional work to bring us back on track, but I do not think I will find anything in time to get our mortgage up to date. As much as I love being a teacher, the pay leaves me struggling to afford necessities sometimes.

If you are able to assist us with mortgage this month, I will be able to catch up on all of my bills and hopefully stay on top of them each month. I teach my students about financial responsibility, and I feel terrible that I am currently unable to practice what I teach them. Your assistance would alleviate a huge amount of stress, and I am deeply grateful for your time and consideration.

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