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Car Repair Expenses Caused Single Worker to Fall Behind on Mortgage

My Story:

I am single and live alone. I work full-time as a career counselor at a technical college and am solely responsible for all of my bills and expenses. Although I earn enough income to pay for my bills and live in a self-reliant manner, I live from paycheck to paycheck. Being unable to save money for emergencies, and being the only person in my household means that when something goes wrong, it is all on me to be able to handle things financially. I have owned my home for ten years, and have always managed to be fully self sufficient. This is the first time I have ever struggled like this.
A few months ago my car stopped working and had to go to the shop for repairs. I do not have anyone who can drive me to and from work each day, so I was left with no other option than to pay for a very large repair bill. This took an entire paycheck to afford, and was larger than my monthly mortgage and utility bills combined. I have been struggling to get things current, but I cannot seem to get fully caught up due to the mounting late fees and my income leaving me with very little wiggle room to pay both late and current balances on my monthly bills.

I am asking for Modest Needs' help to bring my mortgage current again. I have paid each month late since the car repairs, and have not yet been able resolve the outstanding payment I owe. I am fearful that I will continue to incur late fees and fall farther behind if I cannot find a way to get my mortgage up to date.

If I am fortunate enough to receive help with one month of mortgage, it will allow me to get fully caught up and have a fresh start. This would fill me with a tremendous sense of relief and put me back in a financially stable position. Any help is greatly appreciated and would mean so much to me!

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