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Elementary School Teacher/Mom of 2 Needs Emergency Rent Help

The Details:

I am a divorced mother of two daughters, ages 20 and 17. I am a full-time elementary school teacher. I volunteer with a charity that provides services and shelter to women and children fleeing domestic violence. This cause is close to my heart, having divorced my children's father because of domestic abuse. My eldest daughter has is an adult with special needs. She suffers from severe asthma and life threatening allergies to common foods. She also is learning disabled. I had her during my 5th month of pregnancy, and she was born just weighing a pound. She was in the hospital for four months before coming home. She was delayed in many areas, such as walking, talking and fine motor skills as a result of her premature birth. However, through her adversities, she always did well in school and did not allow her challenges to discourage her. She is now enrolled in a vocational program for special needs adults. My younger daughter is in high school and has a great rapport with children. She was awarded an internship recently to work part-time in an afterschool program, and aspires to become a teacher like me one day.

My divorce caused many financial hardships and left me struggling. As a result of some of the setbacks I encountered financially since my divorce, I have fallen behind on my rent.

I am seeking assistance from Modest Needs to pay my remaining rental arrears, which will save my children and me from eviction. If we do not come up with the remaining balance we owe in a short amount of time, our family will be homeless.

This funding will bring me current with the rent, and we will all be able to regain the stability that we so desperately need. Your help will bring back our faith that there are people who do care and will help others from the goodness of their hearts.

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