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Family Needs Rent Help after Medical Hardship

The Details:

I am a married mother of 2. Our 11-year-old son loves hockey and Legos, while our 8-year-old daughter enjoys dance, gymnastics, and dolls. My husband works full-time as a driver for waste management, and has been doing this job for 25 years. I recently had surgery, and am currently out of work, but hope to be back to work soon.

My husband's earnings are enough to support our family, but we encountered a lot of expenses due to my surgery and needing to buy new tires for our car. I had only recently started my job when I learned I needed to have surgery, so I did not qualify for any leave benefits and was let go. The good news is that I have recovered from surgery, and am actively seeking a new position. The bad news is that the loss of income, combined with the medical bills and tire costs have left us struggling to cover all of our expenses this month.

We are asking for help to pay our rent. We are choosing between expenses this month, and fear that we will risk eviction if we do not make our rent payment soon.

Your assistance would put us back on schedule with our bills. This help would make a huge impact on our entire family. It will allow my husband and I to stabilize our financial situation while I seek new employment, and it will also show our kids that people can make a true difference in the lives of others. Our goal is to be able to pay it forward and help someone else in the same way once we are back on our feet again.

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