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Retired USAF Veteran Needs Rental Help

The Details:

I am a United States Air Force Veteran who retired after 20 years of service. I was working until last year, when a new injury left me unable to continue my job duties. My wife is also physically disabled, but suffers from a more serious medical condition than I do.

When I was no longer able to work, I only had my service retirement and worker's compensation payments coming in. This caused us to fall short on some of our bills. I only just began to collect Social Security, which will bring us back to where we need to be to manage our monthly expenses, but will not allow us to easily catch up from these past few months of financial hardship.

We are asking Modest Needs to help us pay our rent this month. We fear that if we cannot get our expenses back on schedule soon, we will be unable to cover our rent and will be forced to move from our home. I fear that we'd lose our beloved Labrador, Ruby, who is a very large dog if we are forced to move. Most of the rental properties will only accept smaller dogs, making it difficult for us to be able to find a new home if we lose our current one.

Your assistance would allow me to bring our bills current again, and now that I have Social Security income starting, I will be able to stay on schedule with our expenses going forward. Your help would give my wife and I a renewed sense of stability. We appreciate your time and consideration.

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