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Please Help Us Keep Warm Home for Our Trisomy Child

The Details:

When our daughter was born, she was given three days to live. We were told that children with Trisomy 18 usually do not live past their first birthday. Our little girl must have missed that memo and has joyfully outgrown their expectations. She is 10-years-old which is nothing short of a miracle in Trisomy years. My husband works hard to support our household and provide for our daughter's medical needs. He has worked full-time, with overtime and also had a part-time job on the side. I was working part-time and taking classes, but now am my daughter's caretaker on a full-time basis.

This has been a particularly difficult year. Our daughter had been admitted to the PICU three times, and one hospital stay lasted over six weeks. During that admission, my mother was horribly injured in a fall as well as suffering from two cardiac episodes. We have taken on responsibility for my 15-year-old nephew who was previously being cared for by my mother. I travel hours to take my mother to her doctors and specialists each week. Due to the number of medical expenses, and time missed at work while our daughter was hospitalized, we have had a difficult time keeping up with some of our financial obligations. We have not been able to pay the gas bill for our heat, and we are now facing a winter with costly electric heat and high electric bills.

We are asking for Modest Needs' help to pay the gas bill so we can provide our daughter and my nephew with heat, hot water, and cook food in our home. Heat is absolutely critical, as our daughter's diagnosis comes with an extensive list of conditions. One of these conditions is Hypothalamic dysfunction, which creates an inability to properly regulate body temperature. Despite my husband's working long hours plus overtime, we cannot afford to catch up with our heating bill, and it is incredibly stressful.

I am reaching out for help because we currently need this support with our utilities in order to meet our daughter's basic needs. Being a caretaker of those you love is consuming, but we are doing all we can to support our family. It is disheartening at times like these when it is simply not enough. Any help we receive would be greatly appreciated.

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