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Temporary Income Loss: Please Help Single Worker Pay Mortgage

The Details:

I am a single man who fulfilled my dream of owning my own home three years ago. I have worked hard to support myself and be responsible with my bills, and everything was going great for me until I learned my position was being eliminated.

After being notified of the layoff, I began immediately looking for a new job. Although I found one, the hours and pay leave me living paycheck to paycheck and struggling to catch up on my bills.

I am asking for Modest needs' help to pay my mortgage. I am looking for higher paying work, and doing the best I can, but the stress is getting to me and making things much more challenging. If I could receive help to pay this one bill, it would allow me to get everything current again and continue working hard to improve my situation.

I am one of those people who pays things on time, and being unable to do that at present has made me very anxious. I constantly worry about a bill hitting me before my paycheck is deposited. Your assistance will allow me to have my peace of mind while I continue applying for higher paying and additional work.

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