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Expenses Relating To Sister's Death Have Prevented Me From Staying Current With Rent!

My Story:

I am married and my household is made up of just my husband and I. I work for the city as a supervisor and we are currently surviving on my income alone, as my husband lost his job. He was working for a security company but had his hours slashed and eventually lost his job. Recently I lost my sister to colon cancer. She left behind 5 grieving children, and I am helping them with whatever I can. This set me back on my personal expenses, and we are now one month behind in rent.

I need assistance for this one month, in order to catch up. We have been in our home for 10 years and have never been delinquent on payments. My landlord is understanding of the situation, but they cannot wait to get paid forever, and I am afraid that we won't be able to catch up on our own. My sister passed a week before her 37th birthday. Even before the loss, I spend a lot of money traveling to help her during treatment and in addition to the funeral expenses, we now have no additional resources.

I am afraid that without this assistance, we will lose our home and end up homeless. We cannot afford to move right now, because we would not be able to afford the down payment. Your help would ensure that we are able to keep our home, during this difficult time. I have been through so much, and it will show my nephews and nieces that there are nice people who have hearts and still care. Thank you!

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