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Unexpected Moving Costs Set Us Back - Help A Hard Working Family With 1 Month's Rent!

My Story:

My husband and two children live together in our new home. My husband is a former Marine who suffers from PTSD and goes to school, while I currently work for Rehabilitation Services. This summer we were told by our landlord that we had to move due to the fact he owed too much taxes on the home and was selling it. We had had very little time to plan and were required to put down first month's rent and deposit on a whole new apartment. At the same time Hurricane Isaac hit.

The circumstances regarding the situation become too much, and our savings were drained as a result of moving costs and time missed from work. We are currently in danger of being evicted again, and we are turning to Modest Needs in order to seek assistance with one month of rent. If we get this assistance we will be fine going forward, due to the fact I am back to work regularly. We just do not have the means to catch up with everything. I am trying everyday to improve our financial situation so that this does not happen again, and am interviewing for better positions when I can.

Your help will assure the fact that my family catches up on bills and are able to stay in our new home. It will allow me to focus on my work and my children, and be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Thank you!

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